Støtterullanording / Anlegg for skøytestål til PRO for SSM-2

This model is complete and sits on the SSM-2 PRO.
It is used to center the sharpening on the skate blade.

SRK PRO uses an exact scale which you can easily turn to correspond to the skate blade thickness.
The width of the blade can be measured with our SBC or a slide caliper.
Can be mounted on old versions of SSM-2.


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The Blade support device is used to get the hollowness on your skate centered by controlling the vertical position of the skate holder. When sharpening a skate hollow, put the skate blade on top of the roller.

SRK PRO has an exact scale wheel that ranges from 2.5 to 4.2 mm. Turn it to the skate blade thickness to get hollowness exactly centered.

By using a guide arm holding the skate blade, and a blade support roller just in front of the grinding wheel, the SSM-2 models will position a hollow very precisely using only one height adjustment point. This is so even if the blade is not completely straight (which it almost never is). No other design can match this. Furthermore there is no possibility that the hollow will be formed diagonally along the blade.