Skate holder – lower jaw H-10M

Special holder for figure skates.
Fits SSM-2 (you have to switch roller on the blade support device).

Made for figure skate blades with a thick chassis.
– Grip Matrix, Phoenix and Quantum like pictured.
– Grip Paramount on the stanchions.


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Figure skate blades

Figure skates are different compared to ice hockey skates. They use a different blade width and they also have toe picks (master picks and a drag pick). Most figure skate blades are parallel like ice hockey skates; there are however some more expensive models that use a completely different shape.

Regular: Skate blade is parallel.

View from underneath
Parabolic: Skate blade is thinner in the middle (mid-section tapering).
Tapered: Skate blade is narrower in the rear.

View from the side
Side-honed: Skate blade is concave (a hollow shape on each side).
Slimline: Skate blade is thinner at the bottom (in the ice).
Tapered edge: Skate blade is in an angle at the bottom (in the ice).

Revolution: Skate blade is held by a carbon fibre chassis.
Thick chassis: Skate blade is held by a thicker, light-weight chassis.
Such as Matrix, Paramount, Phoenix, Quantum…