Roxa Panda – Skøytesøtte for barn


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Learning to ice skate can be a daunting experience and skate aids have been proven to help you gain confidence. Our adorable skating aid is stable and safe, and encourages the correct skating stance as your kids practice their skating skills; it can also offer a nice seat back ride between parents and children.You already started learning skating but still need a little help practicing your glide? Or you simply want to have fun with friends? Our new bear skating aids lend new skaters stability on the ice, and doubles with friend.

The skating aid is designed and developed, following the highest standard materials. It´s made in high quality plastic, becoming highly resistant and durable. The skating aid is designed to be simply packed without loosing space.

The skating aid can be used to fix a label with your logo or with the logo of your sponsor. Send us your logo!! And we´ll let you know the cost to have it!