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The boots

The Cádomotus Mi long track speedskating boot is an improved and better fitting version of the Marchese Nero boot. The boot makes use of superlight yet durable synthetic material for the outer part. The inside of the boot is made with a sueda microfiber leather liner and comes with a heat-moldable hybrid-composite carbon shell as well as a semi-rigid moldable tongue.

The highlight feature of this new boot that gives it an edge over the others is the extra dial closure similar to Boa. This extra dial closure is located on top of the boot laces and offers the possibility to adjust the tightness while gliding on the ice. Having the skate boots tight against the top of your feet is very crucial for remaining efficient throughout your exercise at the highest speeds, but you might not want them as tight for the whole practice like during warm-ups or endurance blocks.

Once again we are the first brand to add a disc lock system to speedskating boots. And most skaters would be happy to have one that can be adjusted to fit them perfectly. You can’t go wrong with the new Cádomotus Long Track ice blade boots.

Another improvement that stands out on this new boot is the 3M protective print on the uppers. These reflective stripes protect the boot against grinding by the ice while skating the corners.

The Mi1 is one of the most sought after boot by speed skaters because it is without doubt one of the better heat moldable boots on the market. The resin used is extremely stiff and at low temperatures becomes moldable even at relatively more moderate temperatures. The boot can be moulded in any standard oven.


If your boot fits you straight out of the box, then you do not need to mould them. But if otherwise, to mould your boots:

  • Make sure to remove the blades and the mounting screws of the boots
  • Preheat the oven to 70°C/160°F
  • Put the boot in the oven for about 12 minutes.

Do not heat the boot at higher temperatures as that would void the warranty and could damage the boot

As an extra bit of caution do not place your feet in the hot boots or you may burn your feet. The eyelets especially can become very hot. Allow the boots to cool down a little. And make sure to test the temperature of the boot with your hand before putting your feet in them. Tighten the laces and allow to cool down. Do not attempt to tighten the dial lock as you risk to make it when the plastic is soft by heating. If you have burns or lumps in your feet or if any areas are causing you discomfort, while the boot is still hot, you can make use of the end of a screwdriver to apply pressure to any part of the boot. You can heat mould the boot as many times as you like. During the cooling down process, make sure to sit down on a chair and not apply your body pressure unto the shoe.

The blades

The NSX-III ice speed skating blades are the third generation of aluminum clap blades with an NSX profile and the successor to the Marchese Silver Saya.

The aluminum blades steer just as sensitive as steel blades, because of the NSX profile in the tube invented by the designers of Cádomotus. As a result, there is increasing flexibility in the middle of your foot. You, therefore, steer smoothly.

With this clap skate, the first step towards real speed skating has been taken.

1. Width
2. Carbon shell base
3. Foot length=boot size

The chart below explains the dimensions for all 110-series boots. The width dimensions of the boot can be modified to accommodate your feet in case they are wider or more narrow. Do to so please continue reading our heat molding instructions.

Boot sizes (millimeters): length

  European boot sizing | length in millimeters (inside measurement)
  32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
  32 | 33 | 34 (S) 35 | 36 |37 (M) 38 | 39 | 40 (L)              
Resizer Insoles 202 209 216 223 230 237 244 251 258              
JR2, Rookie One & Two 202 209 216 223 230 237 244 251 258 265 272          
SR2, NS2           237 244 251 258 265 272 279 286 293 300 307
Ci1, Mi2           235 241 248 255 261 268 275 281 288 295 301
Versatile-3, Agility-3           235 241 248 255 261 268 275 281 288 295 301
Ci1 iD boots           238 244 250 256 262 268 274 280 286 292 298
Nero, Bianco longtrack     215 221 228 235 241 248 255 261 268 275 281 288 295 301
  Linear sizing in CM’s | length in millimeters (inside measurement)
CM 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25 25.5 26 26.5 27 27.5 28 28.5
Reference EU size 35 ½ 36 37 38 38 ½ 39 40 41 41 ½ 42 43 44 44 ½
Balance/Pressure ice skate 225 230 235 240 245 250 255 260 265 270 275 280 285

Find your Perfect Fit

  • Measure both feet from your heel to toe (follow instructions in the sketch below). Some people have one foot slightly larger than the other. Choose the size that fits the larger of the two.
  • Consider the socks or tights you’ll wear most often with your shoes. For thicker socks, you may want to order shoes ½ size larger than you normally wear.
  • Measure your feet in the afternoon when feet tend to be their largest.
  • If you require a wide width, we advise to order a ½ size larger.
  • Inline boots should offer a few millimeters extra space in front of the toes.

1. Put your foot on a sheet of paper with your heel against the wall.
2. Outline your foot on the paper.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your other foot.
4. Measure your foot from the tip of your toe to your heel.



36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

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