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The blade straightener SKR is an auxiliary tool for temporary straightening a skate blade that has experienced a hit and become deformed during a match. To straighten the skate blade permanently, you may need to perform re-riveting of the skate blade with the riveting machine NM-11/21. This is because the rivets probably have also experienced the hit and come out of their correct position.


The SKR has three pressure rolls (bearings). The outer two pressure rolls can be adjusted sideways by loosening the screws on the back side. Place them at the outer limits of the area of deformation; the inner pressure roll should be located just at the center (highest point) of deformation.


Check the amount of deformation of the skate blade and adjust the pressure rolls. Press down the inner pressure roll. Remember to be careful when you do this, since too much of a pressure can break the steel of the skate blade. When the skate blade seems to be plane in the SKR, continue to press somewhat more because the material will have a tendency to elastically spring back a certain amount. When you have done this, check if there is some deformation remaining. If neccessary, readjust the pressure rolls after the remaining deformation and press down again. Repeat until you are satisfied.